Xuan Loc Peace School signed an agreement with Catholic Sangji College of Korea

At 9:00′, Thursday, October 24, 2019, at Xuan Loc Hoa Binh College, Father Joseph Nguyen Van Uy – Rector of Xuan Loc Peace College (CBXL) and Father Yil-Jung Gabriel – The principal of Catholic Sangji College (CSC) of Korea has signed a treaty on association, teacher-student-academic exchange between the two schools.

The two schools spent the morning discussing specific items in the association treaty, in order to create the most favorable and effective learning environment for Korean and Vietnamese students.

Through the introductions of the two principals, HBXL College and CSC both share a mission of selfless service and sharing to the community in the spirit of Catholicism. In particular, serving in the spirit of charity towards students from disadvantaged families, giving them the opportunity to study, establish themselves and contribute financial resources to build a good society.

The two principals became close in a priestly brotherhood – sharing the same mission of educating the younger generation, thereby creating a friendship between the two schools.

At Xuan Loc Bishop’s Palace at 15:30, the delegations of the two schools met and greeted Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao – Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese (GPXL) and Bishop John Do Van Ngan – Auxiliary Bishop. Colonel, General Representative of GPXL – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the College.

The Reverend expressed his joy about the connection of the two schools. They affirmed that this is a clear communion in the Catholic Church in general and between the two schools in particular: “This association is not for profit, but it is a connection in faith and love. God, let’s educate the young generation together.” This association reminds us: “God is always with us. He uses you to accompany us on our journey of service.”

At the end of the visit, Father Yil-Jung Gabriel invited the Bishops, Principal Priest and Management Board of HBXL College to Korea and visit CSC at a convenient time.

Catholic Sangji College
Established in 1969.
There are 13 occupations being trained.
Administrative address: [36686] Sangji – gil, An – dong Si, Gyung – sang buk Do, Korea, 45

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